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TRIO/EOF/GEAR UP Partnership

K.D. knows that #EOF - #GEAR UP - #TRIOWORKS

Every Student Deserves An Opportunity To Succeed


K.D. has been a long time advocate, friend and premier speaker/educator in the EOP/TRIO world. He is familiar with all opportunity programs, specifically Upward Bound, Talent Search and the McNair Program.


If you're ready to take your program to the next level, contact K.D. and learn how he can help your students. 



K.D. supports TRIO/EOF/GEAR UP because he know what it's like:

To grow up in a broken and transitional home, be practically fatherless, struggle financially, underperform academically and to be told that he couldn't do it!
But, he learned to turn life's adversity into his advantage by changing how he viewed life's challenges. He went on to graduate with honors at NC A&T State, and Duke University! K.D. became a published author, writing his first book on how students and people can overcome their fears! Lastly, he served his community as a police officer for 8 yrs, and knows firsthand what happens to students that don't live up to their full potential. He often conducts workshops on social justice matters and how students can use their education and voice to make changes in the world! 

Topics for Your Students:

  • Re-discovering My Self-Worth

  • Having Fun With Financial Literacy

  • Indestructible Classroom Confidence:


     - Study Habits

     - Sitting Where You Can Succeed

     - Minding the Company You Keep

  • Balancing Relationships and School

  • Finishing Strong: Graduation Is Just The Beginning

  • Master the Mindset of Academic & Life success

  • Are You Mentally Prepared For the College Transition

  • Leadership: The Power of an Educated Voice

Still not sure if K.D. is right for your program?

No Problem! Take THEIR word for it!

Let's change SATURDAY academy and tutorial days!

Bring K.D. in to engage your students on a topic of your choice!

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