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"It takes a student at heart to understand a student in the classroom, that's why K.D. is so affective on college campuses!"

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Diversity Unpacked

Students will learn that "Diversity & Equality", is less about absolute agreement, and more about UNDERSTANDING, ACCEPTANCE and RESPECT. There are some things one may not agree on, but the unquestionable truth is that ALL people have purpose, value, and deserve to be treated like human beings. Participants will leave this dynamic session with a better grasp on the power of a diverse campus. They will be introduced to K.D.'s 6 Points of Diversity Contact:
  1. Diversity Expands Vision/Perspective
  2. Diversity Exposes Personal Beliefs (Good & Bad)
  3. Diversity Gives Volume To The Marginalized Voices
  4. Diversity Promotes Mental, Spiritual, and Emotional Growth
  5. Diversity Breaks Down Walls Of Forced Assimilation
  6. Diversity Celebrates Similarities

Leadership Means Ownership!

Leadership cannot be taught, but leadership principles definitely can.  There must be a sense of personal ownership on campus for students to lead well. We present principles that will put your students on the right path as they grow and succeed on and off campus.  We know that leadership is really servitude amplified because the one that truly leads does not manage...they inspire by example. With that in mind, students will leave with the following in mind:
  1. Every Student Is A Leader
  2. Campus Involvement Makes The Campus Community Stronger
  3. Never Underestimate The Power Of The Student Voice
  4. Leadership Requires Sacrifice
  5. Fear Is Not A Friend To Those Who Champion Challenges

Do's & Double Don'ts: The 1st Year Experience 

Take it from us, college is about so much more than student reinvention. College is about the exploration of one's often hidden ability, potential, and purpose. In this dynamic and crowd engaging session, K.D. goes through some of the Do's and major Don'ts he wished he would have known after high school, during his first year in college, and more!
In this engagement students will learn:
  1. College Is a Tool For Success, Not A Party With Occasional Classes
  2. Why It's Critical To Surround Yourself With The Right People
  3. How Fear Can Control Your Decisions
  4. How To Balance The Social Life and Education

The Stage Awaits: How To Crush It In College

This critical conversation encompasses the truth that after every finish line, something else begins.  But, you have to make it to the finish line before you can cross it. In this session we will look at K.D.'s 7 proven principles of academic success. At the end of this session students will understand the power of:
  1. Purpose
  2. Vision
  3. Commitment
  4. Ownership
  5. Strategy
  6. Action
  7. Results

Public Speaking For Scholars

Public Speaking is still listed as one of the highest ranking phobias in the nation. People are relying more and more on auto correct, social media, editing platforms and so on, but are today's scholars losing their voices in the process? In this workshop/session, we will tackle some of the keys to public speaking and how to project with confidence on topics that you know and don't know. At the conclusion of our time, scholars will walk away with tools that will help them now, and possibly for the rest of their lives by addressing the following:
  1. The Power of Speech
  2. Finding Your Style
  3. Controlling Your Nerves
  4. Using Non-Verbal Communication
  5. Silencing The Noise of Distraction
  6. Owning The Moment
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