What Skittles and Jelly Beans Teach Us About Diversity & Inclusion!

When I first learned that Skittles were all the same, my mind was blown. Since I was a child, my favorite 'fake flavor' was lemon, and grape, aka "yellow and purple!" I was so convinced that I was picking out my favorites and giving my friends the ones that I didn't want, not realizing that I was only picking out colors and not content. How often do we do that with people though? We pick and choose the person that 'appears' to be the brightest, and has the most flavorful personality. Only to find out that in the end, to a degree, they are just like everyone else. Maybe it wasn't even them that caused the confusion, or misjudgment. Maybe it was you that believed what you wanted to believe? Good or Bad. Classic 'Red Bag' Skittles may look different, but they are really all the same. Aside from their appearance, only those that assimilate, and fit in are welcome. But, what about Jelly Beans? "Jelly Belly" Jelly Beans actually have distinct flavors for each individual piece of candy. Popcorn is popcorn with vanilla covering, and black and yellow spots. Black is licorice. Pink is cotton candy. Yellow really is lemon, and so on. You see, Jelly Beans are allowed to look different, while speaking their truth. They don't criticize the other Jelly Beans about their looks, colors, or scent. They rub up against each other and add more flavor to the bag, especially when things heat up. Life is just like that. We live in a hot tempered world, and we have to understand that we are all in the same bag whether we like it or not. It's ok if a little something rubs off on you, we could all use a little color in our life after all. Nobody is greater than the next, but unified...we can and will be GREAT TOGETHER!

Don't Be A Skittle!