So That Class Really Was Important?

A Reminder Never To Brush Off The Importance Of Fundamental Coursework.

I remember being in high school in the mid 90's...yes, I said the 90's. It must have been my sophomore or junior year when I had to take basic keyboarding. Talk about a class I didn't want to go to. Now, some classes I didn't want to try because of my insecurity, and fear, while others I didn't want to attend because I thought it was stupid and pointless. This is one of those stupid and pointless classes, or so I thought. I remember my teacher staying on my case, I mean every day, about getting better at typing on a computer. And, everyday I would say the same thing, "I'm not even going to use this stuff in life anyway, this is a waste of time!"

"Home Keys...Home Keys! ASDF/JKL;" she would yell at me. Naturally, in true high school age dummy fashion, I responded with a loud sigh and roll of the eyes. It's funny, because even now, I'm typing on a keyboard, and the foundation was that time in high school. I would try to sneak by though, as much as I could. I was so determined not to try in this particular class that even the kids that skipped told me I needed to buckle down and get serious. That's pretty bad when the drop outs are telling you to get your life together, right?

Anyway, one day my teacher came to my desk, and towering over me she placed a piece of cardboard over my hands. "You're going to be able to type blindfolded, if it's the last thing I do.' she said. So, I started punching random keys, and she got frustrated. I told her, "take this silly thing off of my hands and I can type faster." She leaned over gracefully and said, "You'll thank me later!" and slammed the keyboard cover back over my hands. Needless to say, I passed the class.

17 years later, I was leaving a local Costco when I saw my high school computer teacher. I just happened to have a copy of my first self published piece with me. I told my wife, "I've got to give her a copy, it's because of her that I was able to do this in the first place." So, I grabbed a book and sprinted across the parking lot. As soon as I saw her, I gave her a huge hug and held my book up without saying word. I just smiled, and then I opened my mouth to fulfill the 17 year old prophecy, and I told her, "Thank You!"

See, sometimes in school you're going to run up against that difficult course, and maybe even a challenging instructor. But, you're not there to make friends and drink slurpies by the water fountain. You're there to impose your will, empower others, and dominate your field of study. Sure, you may feel irritated walking into that class everyday, but understand that if it's a requirement for your are required to crush it! Stop seeing it as that class that I hate, and show up like, "This is the class that's going to test me, but I will not break...I am solid and ready for whatever comes my way!" You have to develop a warrior attitude about school. Perspective is everything. How you see a thing exposes what you believe about it!

How do you see school? Make a decision...and dominate!

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