Keep Believing!

Sometimes in life we get trapped in our own way of thinking, and attempt to live up to the status quo. In the mix of it all though, we lose a child like faith. We need to get back to the times when we dreamed big and had fewer cares. I’m not enticing anyone to be reckless or irresponsible, I am challenging you though to dream again and to believe again. There’s something about a child’s mindset that sets the world on fire for the good. Children believe they can fly, they believe they can swim across oceans and walk on the moon with no space suit on. It’s that child like faith and belief that impossible is nothing, that is what we’re after.

Have you settled in your life? Have you grown up so much that you've forgotten how to fly like Peter Pan? I haven’t. I still believe great things are to come, I still believe that impossible is possible. All the things that I’ve ever been told I could not do, I’ve done. I did not get through those obstacles with willpower alone. "tt took, as my friend Lynch says, "skill power as well. And naturally a little bit of pixie dust, a.k.a. faith ha ha. I want you to go back to the drawing board. Even if you’re saying to yourself, but I have everything that I’ve always wanted. It’s not about what you want, it’s about the value that you can add to the world. Who’s life can you make better with your creativity and genius? What situation can you unfold so that somebody else is able to succeed and come out on top?

I just want you to know that you were not done yet. You have not arrived, no matter what you were told or what you think. There still a child on the inside yearning to fly, hoping that you will give him or her a chance to show up just one more time they after day. Can we do that? Can we show up just one more time for the rest of our lives? I believe the answer is yes. We can show up, and by God, we can show out. I’m not just asking you to release the beast, I’m asking you to release the inner child. The one that can beat superman, the one that can put the sun in their pocket and turn it into a marble with a blink of an eye, the one that believes. Will you believe again with me? Thanks, I knew you would!

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