Do You See What I See?

I remember the first time I did a triathlon. It was an amazing feeling because it was something that I’d always wanted to do. The only reason I’d held off, to be quite honest with you, is because it looked so challenging, and I wasn’t sure if I could handle the pressure. Isn’t that life though? How often do we look at something and put it aside because of our feelings of inadequacy and insecurity? For me, I knew that I could run, swim, and cycle. The question was, could I do it for the distance needed in the race?

What about you? Have you ever looked at something and assumed that it was automatically too much for you? Have you ever walked onto campus, looked at your syllabus, or went out for a sports team and asked yourself the question, "What have I done?" If so, then you are very much like me in one sense, and I’m hoping that you are also like me in the other. I can stand proudly and say that I finished the San Diego International Triathlon, after swimming 1 mile in the Pacific ocean, cycling up a mountain and then running down a beach. It came at a cost though. It cost me my fears, pride, and insecurities...things I gladly gave up. When the air horn went off, there was a stampeded of people running as fast as possible into the water. Some were skilled and trying to get a good start, some were trying to save face and not look like a newbie, and others were running for their lives trying not to be trampled in the sand. But it was no surprise to me, and for was a huge surprise.

What’s funny to me though, is that we are unsettled by things that we should not be surprised at. It is the job of your opponents, or opposition, to make you feel uncomfortable. The job of the giant is to make you believe that you have made a mistake in showing up for battle. The job of the giant is to puff it’s chest out to make itself seem bigger than it really is. The job of the giant is to intimidate, and take swings at you for having the audacity to think you had a chance at winning. As my friend David Goggins says, "Merry freaking Christmas," what! Nobody gives a crap about what the giant has to say in the situation, or in your life for that matter. What matters is what you tell yourself in the middle of your storm. What are you saying to yourself about your opposition? What are you believing in your heart about the obstacle standing in your way? Is it something that you will simply lay down and quit for? Or, will you remember who you are, and what you’re capable of? I’m challenging you to do what I did, in the midst of fear, swim anyway!

In the midst of your frustration, don’t give up. In the midst of worry, fight harder. Stop looking at your obstacle, and start looking at your options. How are you going to drop this mofo? In what ways can you cripple your opponent, that being, doubt, fear, jealousy, sickness, regret, finances, and so on. What guns are you bringing to the table? You should be at a place in your mind that makes the giant fearful that it made a decision to show up. You should make that mountain unstable, because it should know that someone of great power and relentless nature is about step foot on the trail! I don't want you to be overconfident, but I do want you to walk in boldness and assurance that you're no push over!

In the words of the great philosopher and poet, T.I., "Difficult takes a day and impossible takes a week." Remember that the most important conversation you’ll ever have is the conversation you have with yourself. Now start talking like a giant and make your mountain an ant hill.