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Minority males are among the most underrepresented populations in higher education.  The need for representation, presence, and achievement within the realms of continued and/or higher education is of the greatest necessity.  That is why we have developed engagement and seminar material solely focused on increasing the number of minority applicants, retention rates and graduation rates on college and university campuses nationwide.  Our engagements re-enforce the reality that minority males in higher education should not just "See" what they desire in life...but rather..."Become" it!

Going The Distance: Principles of Academic Success & Higher Learning

A discussion on the minority male academic achievement gap and how to counter-attack that obstacle.

In conclusion of the presentation, attendees will be able to understand the necessity of:

  • Vision

  • Reason/Motivation

  • Support

  • Faith

  • Relentless Pursuit

Identity crisis: Re-establishing positive self-image in young men of color.

A critical conversation on the present day battle of self-image among young black males.

At the conclusion of this engagement attendees will have discussed how the following platforms contribute positive/negative input towards the African American minority male:

  • Family Dynamics

  • The School System

  • The Criminal Justice System

  • Social Media

  • The Black Community

  • Music/Television

  • Religion/Faith

The Encounter:  How to conduct yourself when in contact with the police.

This presentation is centered around a most critical question nowadays...
"When stopped or encountering the police...WHAT DO I DO?"
We will share principles, perspective, and procedure obtained while serving over 7 years as an African-American police officer.  At the conclusion of this engagement students & participants should have a better understanding of:
  • Basic Law Enforcement
  • Procedure/Protocol
  • Do's & Don'ts 
  • What rights they have as citizens
  • What role the media/social media plays in shaping social image
  • Reality and Myths about police

Other topics available: 

Colorism in the Black Community, The Will to Succeed, Exposing Internalized Oppression/Self-Hate, Because of them. We Are, Examining the Basis of Criminal Activity and Custom Made Presentations

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