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"Educators are not expendable. There will always be a student needing to learn, so we must care for those willing to teach!"

There are more than 100,000 educator vacancies on any given day in the
United States! That means, there are students full of potential just waiting to be 
shown the way!


ALL IN: Next Level Student RETENTION! 

Let's TEACH YOUR TEAM how to win! Every institution attempts to solve the issue of STUDENT RETENTION. But, most don't realize that some of the easiest methods to tackle this challenge only require minor tweaks to make things work.
At the end of this session, attendees will better understand:
  1. What's needed to keep the student heartbeat pumping
  2. 5 Pillars of Retention and Student Success!

Refreshing Your "WHY": Reviving The Educators Heart

A refreshing and fun trip down memory lane as it relates to "WHY" educators chose their profession.
At the conclusion, educators will:
  • Recall "WHY" they chose the profession
  • Determine if they're still in it for the right reasons
  • Be able to refresh themselves and other educators with a stronger perspective
  • Find the joy in the world of education

True North : Director Leadership & Team Building

Every Administrator/Director wants to feel like they not only 'led by example' but also 'made a difference.' The challenge for most is doing it without losing who they are in the process.  We discuss how to remain authentic while still achieving success with your team and/or teachers. At the conclusion of this session, attendees will understand the significance of:
  • Bold Communication
  • Remaining Authentically Themselves
  • Defining What Success Looks Like For Their Team
  • Overcoming Fear Of Failure
  • Necessity Of Creativity
  • Owning Your Complete Self...Flaws And All
  • Creating A Culture Of Success

Fixing Sinking Ships: Self-Care In The Field Of Education!

This is the talk that HAS TO HAPPEN! There are far too many educators and leaders running on empty with no intent of refueling. One can only be their best when they are at their best. 
At the conclusion, attendees will better grasp these concepts:
  • Noticing The Warning Signs Of Burnout
  • Empowering One Another On The Fly
  • Creating/Sustaining A Self-Care Culture
  • How Putting Yourself First, Puts Your Students & Team First Too
Presentations/Discussions can be tailored to fit each requested need...simply request it in the notes section of the contact form!
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