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"I've been coming to educator conferences for over 10 years, and K.D. is the first speaker to deliver a message for us, the educators. He realizes that in helping us succeed, he's helping our students succeed too!"
          - KNCT3 TRIO Conference Attendee 

"Conference: A meeting of two of more persons to discuss matters of common concern."
If your speakers and presenters can't deposit knowledge, hope, encouragement, unity and contagious energy through their delivery...they're just filling a time slot!

If you want your CONFERENCE to be REMARKABLE...
You need an UNFORGETTABLE speaker!

As a former youth minister, elementary teacher, at-risk teen mentor, and police officer...K.D. understands the meaning of the word "SERVE!" As professionals, particularly in the field of education, service is at the heart of what we do. 

Life doesn't stop for anyone though, tough times come and go. Successes stack, and at times fall short of our hopes. But, one thing we as professionals count on, is one another. Conferences, be it for education, sports, or other fields of personal development...bring people together. K.D. believes that you get out what you put in, and you find what you're looking for in life.

When it comes to conferences, K.D. seeks to add that special ingredient to break past low expectations, mundane agendas, and dry audience participation. K.D. 'ENGAGES' the audience from start to finish while driving home critical points of focus, growth and practical tools.

It's been said, that you should never make promises you can't keep. K.D. believes wholeheartedly that he can and will bring the following contributions to your conference :
  1. Authenticity
  2. Practical & Applicable Tools
  3. Laughter
  4. Empathy & Compassion
  5. Boldness
  6. Powerful Principles

Send K.D. Your Speaker/Presenter Proposal Site Info... 

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