Meet K.D. Wilson!


K.D. Wilson is a nationally recognized educator, speaker, author and advocate in the areas of Leadership Development, Student Success Empowerment, Inclusion/Equity Education, Educator Compassion Fatigue/Self Care Awareness, Social Justice/American Policing, and Program/Workplace Culture Transformation across the nation.

As one of the nation’s leading empowerment educators, K.D. provides developmental training, seminars, breakout sessions, workshops and keynote speeches to help programs reach their desired goals. He is a husband and father of three, 5x Published Author, Former Public-School Teacher, 2x USA Masters Track & Field National Champion, and Former First Responder of 8 years in the third largest city in North Carolina.

As an honors graduate, he received his B.A. from North Carolina Agricultural & Technical State University (Psychology), and his M.A. from Duke University (Christian Studies & Theology with a concentration in Restorative Justice). Success wasn't how he started though.

K.D. graduated in the bottom percentile of his class in high school, where he was told by his senior advisor that "He wasn't college material." He changed the narrative of his life from "Can't" to "Must", as he battled through a turbulent upbringing with his absent, and substance abuse addicted father. He then went on to author and publish his first book, “Cornered By Fear: A Guide To Finding Your Freedom In The Fight!” That book was based on K.D. overcoming his fears and showing others how to do the same. K.D. left the police department after serving his community alongside other first responders for almost 8 years. K.D. wanted to make a difference from a different angle, and resigned in great standing with his former department. But, while an officer, he learned that nearly 80% of all prison inmates DO NOT have a high school diploma or GED. He decided to take the pain he experienced in the street and turn it into relentless passion in schools everywhere.


His heart is to not only cover challenges in the classroom, but to dig into the hearts of those he encounters in order to see them operating at their full potential. K.D. is best known for his “7 Pillars of Success” presentation that has impacted students and educators so much that studies show a 93% increase in productivity, focus and task completion from those implementing the formula. He not only shows students “HOW” to achieve fulfillment in school and life, but also “WHY” education is a critical component too. When he isn’t inspiring students, K.D. can be found empowering educators by helping them overcome burnout, build better student/teacher relationships, and re-igniting their passions.


He has addressed thousands and is able to tackle the hard topics while relating on various levels because of his faith, upbringing, life achievements and belief that inside every human being is untapped potential for greatness. 

K.D. Wilson